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Most Parts have 30 days of warranty or your money back, minus Shipping and Handling Cost. Restocking fee may apply

IMPORTANT Before to return the parts double check:

Different part numbers or SKU the part number, the manufacturer has 10 or12 different part numbers for the same part according to the year in the factory.

you can see your  part is some different to new parts , The Factory has authorized a substitution of the original part with an original equipment manufacturer part. While the substituted part may be different in appearance, it has been authorized by the manufacturer and is designed to work with your product.

Electronic Parts switch or error code, Solution the original problem before to change the new part, Error Code or same problem after that you change the part normally 5% of the problem is in wire terminal connectors  (Bad electric contact), We can help you , just send your model number we ship the parts, you repair your appliance and return the parts that you don't need.

Click here to store your fast return and directly refund

How to pack in flat rate envelope return ? Click here

You nee to use ORIGINAL Packing for return, avoid 30% restocking fee:
No part(s) may be returned without the Return Authorization obtained by contacting Authorization does not guarantee a credit. allows the return of unused and uninstalled parts in the original packaging, along with a copy of the original order number and your email address. Electrical parts are not allowed to returned.